The politics of resources redefined™
The politics of resources redefined™
The politics of resources redefined™
The politics of resources redefined™
The politics of resources redefined™
The politics of resources redefined™
The politics of resources redefined™

We support companies to take action on climate change.



  • Development of ‘2-degree plans’ to build climate resilience and leadership
  • Analysis of strategic implications of tougher climate policies
  • Executive leadership programmes to prompt creative thinking on key climate change issues
  • Benchmarking of company exposure to climate policy change and readiness to adapt


  • Support to develop climate change positions and statements
  • Facilitation of partnerships with stakeholders to achieve progress on key issues
  • Monitoring of key developments in climate policy, regulation and activism
  • Support on reporting and compliance requirements

Practical support

  • Support to reach technical goals, e.g. emissions reduction targets
  • Initiatives to build relations with stakeholders locally, e.g. community-based adaptation plans
  • Additional team capacity and support for the delivery of complex asset-level plans

Case studies

Energy client

  • Context: A mid-sized oil and gas company was looking to develop a strategic plan for how it could survive and potentially thrive under different potential scenarios for an increasingly carbon-constrained world.
  • Support: We developed an initial draft strategic plan on climate change, tailored closely to our client’s strengths and competitive advantage, identifying concrete actions to follow as global developments on carbon mitigation evolve. We held a series of workshops with senior management to discuss and build internal alignment behind the plan. In addition, we developed a tracking framework to enable our client to swiftly spot external developments which would indicate changes in the global energy system, and which might in turn require a change in its strategy.
  • Outcome: The client is in the process of incorporating our recommendations into its core business strategy, and has already received recognition from investors for its forward-thinking approach in this area.

Global Investment Bank

  • Context: A major investment bank was seeking to understand industry and investor perspectives on the impacts of climate change on the energy sector.
  • Support: We helped the client survey and gather feedback from a select number of senior executives and other energy experts within our network to ensure that its own climate risk assessment methodology was robust and useful.
  • Outcome: The client used our work to further strengthen its approach to managing climate risks relating to its portfolio of energy investments.

Thought leadership

  • Critical Resource led ‘The Heat is On’ initiative to catalyse leadership on climate change.
  • We convened stakeholders from industry, government, donors and civil society to develop the ‘big ideas’ on how the fossil fuel industries can transform themselves to operate profitably in a carbon-constrained world.
  • The Financial Times described the report as ‘groundbreaking’.
  • The initiative was guided by an Advisory Panel of leading industry and international figures.
  • Read more about ‘The Heat is On’ here.