The politics of resources redefined™
The politics of resources redefined™
The politics of resources redefined™
The politics of resources redefined™
The politics of resources redefined™
The politics of resources redefined™
The politics of resources redefined™

Critical Resource specialises in political, stakeholder and sustainability challenges in energy and mining. We have a reputation for bespoke, high-quality, high-impact work.

We believe that companies can unlock major commercial value by managing these challenges in a strategic and responsible way.

About us

Our belief is that a deep understanding and responsible, strategic management of these issues will be a key source of competitive advantage for companies in the years ahead.

We provide three types of services: due diligence and assurance that stakeholder, political and reputational risks are well understood and managed, prior to our clients making key investments or strategic decisions; practical support at the project level to help in-country teams achieve project outcomes; and finally, group-level strategies to align and position organisations as a whole to mitigate risks and realise opportunities.

Our network of advisors combines strong industry expertise with on-the-ground intelligence in over 80 countries. The senior advisory panel for the company includes eminent figures from industry, finance and global development. Our core team brings together experience working for major resource firms, The Economist, McKinsey, OECD, UN, and Chatham House, among other organisations.

Recent news and articles

A good time to invest in West African resources?

Following a series of negative headlines for West African politics, our latest research considers the main challenges of investing in the politically turbulent region and points of optimism for resource investors.

‘The Covid-19 crisis has drawn attention to our role in society’

In an exclusive interview, Antofagasta CEO Iván Arriagada discusses the implications of Covid-19 for mining companies, its impact on copper prices and argues that Chile faces an inflection point with its upcoming constitutional referendum, but expects it will choose to remain investor-friendly.

Launch of The SustainAbility Institute by ERM

Critical Resource and ERM are excited to announce the launch of The SustainAbility Institute by ERM, a new thought leadership platform. The Institute will define, accelerate and scale sustainability performance, delivering actionable insight that will decode complexities and spark conversation.

A New Era for Europe's Resource Sector?

As governments across Europe seek to 'build back better' following the Covid-19 crisis, our latest research examines the risks and opportunities for resource companies presented by the drive for carbon neutrality and increased demand for strategic minerals.

Ready for a decarbonising world?

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategic response for addressing climate change-related risks or seizing the opportunities presented by the energy transition. Our latest research examines the range of pressures facing mining companies and outlines how they can protect and enhance value in a decarbonising world.

‘Covid-19 has highlighted the resource sector’s vulnerabilities’

In an exclusive interview, Gay Huey Evans, chair of London Metal Exchange, NED ConocoPhillips and independent NED Standard Chartered PLC, discusses the multiple threats Covid-19 poses to resource companies, including risks of financial crime, and how changing investor and consumer demands accelerate the ESG agenda.

Professor Sir Paul Collier: Africa faces a 'triple whammy' from Covid-19

In our latest 'Critical Conversation' podcast, Sir Paul Collier discusses the multiple impacts of Covid-19 on Africa, the likely devaluation of many African currencies, the disappointing response of companies to the ongoing crisis and the intensifying risk of divestment across the resource industry.

What does Covid-19 mean for Latin America?

Our white paper examines the severe social and economic impacts of the pandemic on the region, the likely shifts in long-term political trajectories, and the risks and opportunities facing natural resource companies.

Brave new world?

Based on a virtual presentation at the World Gold Forum, Critical Resource Managing Partner Daniel Litvin outlines five hypotheses about the post-Covid context for resource companies.

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