The politics of resources redefined™
The politics of resources redefined™
The politics of resources redefined™
The politics of resources redefined™
The politics of resources redefined™
The politics of resources redefined™
The politics of resources redefined™

Critical Resource specialises in political, stakeholder and sustainability challenges in energy and mining. We have a reputation for bespoke, high-quality, high-impact work.

We believe that companies can unlock major commercial value by managing these challenges in a strategic and responsible way.

About us

Critical Resource specialises in political, stakeholder and sustainability challenges in the energy and mining sectors. We advise senior decision makers in a range of organisations, from the world’s largest resource companies to leading investors and single-asset firms. Our belief is that a deep understanding and responsible, strategic management of these issues will be a key source of competitive advantage for companies in the years ahead.

We provide three types of services: due diligence and assurance that stakeholder, political and reputational risks are well understood and managed, prior to our clients making key investments or strategic decisions; practical support at the project level to help in-country teams to achieve specific project goals; and finally, group-level strategies to align and position organisations as a whole to mitigate risks and realise opportunities.

Our network of advisors combines strong industry expertise with on-the-ground intelligence in over 80 countries. The senior advisory panel for the company includes eminent figures from industry, finance and global development. Our core team brings together experience working for major resource firms, The Economist, McKinsey, OECD, UN, and Chatham House, among other organisations.

Recent news and articles

Ratings update: TuNur, Tunisia

Nur Energie’s solar project in Tunisia could help Europe meet its needs for low carbon power but will have to overcome political and commercial hurdles.

Ratings update: Vedanta, South Africa

Vedanta’s Gamsberg zinc project is set to start production amidst positive political developments in South Africa with the recent election by parliament of a pro-business president, Cyril Ramaphosa.

The tragic cycle of resource politics

Corruption in oil and mining, real or perceived, fuels resource nationalism, which in turn undermines socially beneficial resource investment, argues Daniel Litvin.

Ratings update: Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is planning to sell shares in state-owned oil giant Saudi Aramco in a high-profile IPO – but investors will need to get comfortable with growing political risks.

Ratings update: Acacia Mining, Tanzania

The dispute between President Magufuli and Acacia has drastically eroded investor confidence in Tanzania – but it offers lessons for investors in countries at risk of resource nationalism.

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